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Hal’s review of Power is well reasoned and thoughtful. Thank you, Hal!

Hal rated it 5 of 5 stars

Fasten your seat belt, this is a wild and wonderful ride. As the plot thickens, it twists and turns in clever ways that you could never anticipate, and that makes it a powerfully fun read. The more Mahler reveals to us about the people and powers in this story, the more you become aware that you really have no idea where this tale might lead….but you will really, really want to know what happens next.

As the story gets more complex Mahler’s writing style becomes clearer and more elegant. He is particularly masterful at developing the characters….you will love or hate each of them at some point, and Mahler does a great job of teaching us to trust no one. By the end of “Power” you will be guarding your emotions about each and every character in the book. Add to that the fact that Mahler has constructed a complex web of dates, times and places that will truly impress you with his ability to walk a razor thin line that does not allow for a single detail to be out of place. Go read “Money” if you have not already done so, then dive into “Power”. If you dare!

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