Nearing the Finish Line

I am so close to finishing the first draft of CONTROL, I can taste the sweet nectar of completion, and not just the end of a single book, but the culmination of a trilogy. But, I am also burned out having written nearly half of the novel in the past month. I have been enjoying the marvelous spring weather in downtown Iowa City, sitting on the benches, people watching, as I simultaneously people watch my characters. Unfortunately, today is the start of a heat wave and I am relegated to my writer’s desk and the A/C is on standby for the onslaught. I only have a short way to go and it feels a lot like running a marathon when you get past twenty-four miles and your legs are cramping up. The best part is almost at hand and you just want to sit down and not run.

So, I am going to suck it up and finish this awesome story with a verve and sinew it deserves. Anything short of that will get fixed in the edit process. I promise.